Download our one page overview for listing of our services, products and capabilities. As well as developing our own products, Millturn offers a consultancy service in business analysis; historical research and writing; architecture; and software development, from the enterprise down to the functional level, drawing on the extensive practical experience of its Directors. We can also mentor your staff, either as an independent engagement or as part of a project knowledge transfer. We have many years' experience assisting many different Federal and State government departments as well as the private sector.

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In a productive partnership with you, our client, we’ll design an engaging and reliable solution.


We’ll build and test it in association with you, on your platform of choice, as an installed application or a Web service.


We will deploy and run the software in the Cloud to free you from infrastructure concerns.


We take responsibility for timely maintenance of our software, whether it be upgrades, defect fixes or communication with other systems (integration).


Millturn IT builds applications to manage gardens and farms; assist scientific research (including citizen science); or enrich the experience of a walking trail or visiting a museum. We aim to build software that is accessible, well-designed (whether for mobility or desktop use), reliable and robust. Our software goes beyond satisfying our clients’ needs to delighting the user.

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Our Directors

Katie Mills

Managing Director, business analyst and developer

Katie is a business analyst and developer who has 17 years' IT experience in the government, research and environmental sectors. A former landscape architect, she also holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and Philosophy (with Distinction) and a Master of History (High Distinction grade average) from the ANU, which informs Millturn’s heritage work.

We offer a complete service in partnership with our clients, from collaboration on initial designs through to building and testing then delivery to the public on clients’ own infrastructure or external servers (the “Cloud”). With our Agile, collaborative approach to development, we’ll make sure you are closely involved at all times in the outcome of each stage. Our test-driven philosophy ensures high quality software that responds to your business needs and usage levels.

Millturn IT only develops software based on Open Source technology using open standards interfaces and specialises in Web applications (specialising in the MEAN software stack) and cross-platform mobile applications. We are registered with ASIC (ABN #70607441323) and are fully insured (public liability and professional indemnity).

Evan Turnbull
Evan Turnbull

Managing Director, architect and developer

A qualified engineer (holding an Honours Engineering degree and a Graduate Diploma in Philosophy), Evan has 20 years’ IT experience as an architect and developer. He cares deeply about building reliable, scalable and well performing systems. He enjoys keeping abreast of the latest technologies. He has studied horticulture and has built a flourishing organic garden with Katie.

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